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duck stamp artists

updated tue 24 jan 12


plasterjfl@AOL.COM on mon 23 jan 12

The brothers that Mel was referring to are the Hautman brothers, Jim, Bob,
and Joe.

Jim is a few years younger than me and we grew up in the same neighborhood.

I was a star pottery student, in high school, while Jim was becoming known
as "the guy who can paint."

I didn't know Jim was a wildlife painter until my brother handed me a copy
of Time magazine and showed me a picture of Jim receiving the award from
President Bush Sr, for his first Federal duck stamp. (Jim was in his early
twenties at the time.)

Jim has won it now three times. Bob once and Joe once as well. (Jim is in
his 40's while Bob and Joe are in their 50's.)

While wildlife paintings are not my cup of tea, I prefer Jackson Pollock
and Frank Stella, Jim's painting are anything but typical. Google his name
and you will be amazed.

take care
Jeff Longtin

ps. The Coen family lived a few doors down from the Hautman's and it
explains why they used Jim's studio as the opening scene in "Fargo".