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freezing sculpture

updated fri 20 jan 12


Lili Krakowski on thu 19 jan 12

We have had cold clear weather, and right now are getting our first real =
snow, so the following caught my eye:

"...I am asking this for a student [who] wants to do outdoor sculpture, =3D
someplace where it freezes in the winter. She wants to know if firing to =
Cone 10, will save the pieces from cracking and also if majolica glaze
will work on pieces that have been fired to Cone 10."

As far as I know, and others no doubt will know more, it is the degree =3D
of vitrification, not the actual temperature at which the clay is fired =3D
that matters. I have some functional ware of a Plainsman body fired =3D
to c.10 but still more absorbent than my c. 6 clay body. =3D20

And design matters. I urge customers (via hangtag) to bring "my" =3D
planters indoors for drying before they are exposed to frost. Even =3D
without porosity
water can cause problems if it gets "into" decorated areas and, in =3D
freezing, pop some part off.

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage