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trailer and hauling laws and safety

updated wed 11 jan 12


mel jacobson on tue 10 jan 12

right on mark.

every state has a variety of laws regarding
trailers and truck hauling.
it just takes a few minutes online to get
some facts. it seems that no two are alike.

for your own safety, lights are essential.
i also use extra reflectors on my trailers.
(big ones.)
there are great lighting systems at very low
cost for trailers...northern tool, tractor supply,
fleet farm...and online stores all have great
easy to install systems. (you can even get battery
types for those new led bulbs in red...duct tape on when you need
them. )
small trailers need running lights, big trailers
need turn signal and stop lights.
same for registration.
no lights=3Dpolice officer.

i also paint the long tongues bright blue.
then folks do not drive over them with
atv's or tractors or cars. bob holman and
kurt wild both have lost right, you
really had to watch yourself when they are driving or backing
that fluorescent pink tape is a must. keep a roll in each car.
when kurt was driving i would wrap myself in pink tape.

bob anderson knows how to back up a trailer...he is our expert.
and, he finally got rid of his huge pickup, and now drives
a suv. knees gave out. we do haul a great deal of wood with
our trailers...the sin of wood firing.

it takes just a bit of effort to make hitches, lights and safety
chains perfect.
and, most trailer tires carry over 70 lbs of air.

(and, i always carry a small box with a trailer jack, some wood
blocks and wrench for a spare tire for each trailer.
never leave home without it when the trailer is hooked up.
your car spare will not work...and, i always laugh when
i see a loaded trailer on the side of the one near it....they
forgot a spare and a jack...silly people.)

it is a rare event when i drive to the farm without dragging a trailer.
often it is just the tiny trailer that goes on my small car. but, the
dog gets the hatchback, back seat gets some stuff, and icky junk
goes in the buckets of wet glaze.

and, there is nothing that is easier than loading and unloading heavy
stuff when the trailer is at knee height.
from: minnetonka, mn
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