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antique book found

updated fri 30 dec 11


mel jacobson on thu 29 dec 11

i am reading the book `we` by charles lindbergh.
what a wonderful story.

as i reached page 79 of this antique book
two newpaper articles appeared. they were dated 1927.
the paper had leached into the book pages and turned
them bright orange.

that page had not been opened since 1927.

i bought the book on amazon. it was listed as
old and not well kept. got it for 12 bucks.

a good copy is like $300.

one of the newspaper articles was a plea for books and
magazines to be sent to the u.s. marines in shanghai, china.
they were the fourth division, u.s. marines.

my dad was a fourth marine, and married my mom so he
did not go to china. most all of the fourth marines became
non/coms for world war 2, so all of my
dad's buddies died as officers or non/coms leading marines
to battle in the pacific.....

that small newspaper article gave me the chills.
very poetic. find.

my dad started working at the twin cities ford plant when
it opened in 1926.
it closed last month for good. my dad worked there for 42 years,
and, missed two days of work in that time. he always went to work.
my brother drowned in 1944 and dad took off the monday of his
funeral, went back to work on tuesday. there was a war on...he did
not miss work. loyalty is a wonderful thing. those that have none have
a poor life. my life was formed by that sort of attitude. no wonder i wor=
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