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updated wed 28 jan 98


Bob Hanlin on tue 27 jan 98

I currently use Dover White stoneware from Mile High in Denver, it's great too
but it's a ways off. Have you used it? How does it compare to Dillo?

Anyone have comments on this
At 09:24 AM 1/26/98 EST, you wrote:
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>John and Anne,
>Haven't used the C/6 stoneware from Trinity. If you are referring to the
>c/6-10 stoneware by Armadillo---it is called "Dillo White" and is
fantastic for
>throwing! The clay fires out very white and glazes look great on them.
It is
>a lot like B-mix from Laguna except that it is very white and not cream
>colored. Trinity makes their own C/10 white stoneware which is a very good
>clay also. It fires to a light tan in reduction. The Dillo white fires to a
>light gray in reduction---like porcelain. My suggestion is to try both.
>are quite different from each other. Good luck and it is definitely worth
>Dana Henson