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a sincerely shameless self promotion

updated mon 12 dec 11


Stephani Stephenson on sun 11 dec 11

For many of us, this time of year is the time for us to hawk our wares, a=
it's the season for exchanging gifts We know or hope that our mugs, bo=
, tiles and trivets will soon grace another's hands or home. Of course
pennies don't matter to a potter and we do it for the love of the craft,=

(she says/ eyeroll), but we are , in truth, joyful when friends and
customers, old and new ,visit our studios, frequent the shops and galleri=
where our work is shown, visit our websites, and whisk our work away to a=

new home.=3D20

In that vein, I will add another shameless log to the seasonal promotion
fire. For those of you who have a potter in the family who is just itchin=
to try their hand at getting that fireplace built , or festive entry por=
completed before the turn of the year and your own holiday season, well=
you are probably too late , but you are not too late to order a DVD whic=
might point the way for it's completion by next year!
Or something like that.

Those of you on the list who know my tendency to go on at length will be=

happy to know that the folks at CM edited 3 days of me talking, gesturing=
measuring and flinging clay down to about 3 hours of instruction on Studi=
Scale Architectural Ceramics.=3D20

The DVD is available from the Ceramics Arts Daily site, or , if you woul=
like me to write something on the cover,(be it encouraging, scathing or
nonsensical), you can order it directly from me at=3D20

If you do order from me , I will also offer you one free phone call
/consultation about your project or process. (even if the call is from
jail, just don't ask me to post bail)

My elves, though underpaid, will whisk it out my door and fly it to your=

If you choose to ignore this naked plea, that's OK ,we're still friends.

May you all have a prosperous ,healthy ,happy and wise holiday season

Stephani Stephenson