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toilet brushes in my stocking -was sieving glaze/selling

updated sun 4 dec 11


Alice DeLisle on sat 3 dec 11

Hey clayart folks,

I realized something today. Sometimes when I read clayart posts I get =3D
impatient because somebody asks a question about something that was =3D
discussed recently or a bit in the past and I just want to say LOOK IN =3D
THE ARCHIVES!!! Well, today I was reminded that repetition is =3D
beneficial for me and probably for all of us. Current discussions about =
screening glaze prompted Lili and Bonnie to mention using plastic =3D
brushes to push glazes through screens - and then Lynn mentioned toilet =3D
brushes. Lynn, you saved my day. Somewhere in the back of my brain I =3D
knew about using toilet brushes to screen glazes, but as I frequently =3D
say, my brain is a (large mesh) sieve and I had forgotten. Thanks so =3D
much for reminding me. I mixed 2 glazes today and my spatula just was =3D
not doing to job of pushing the rutile through that screen, so I went =3D
into my bathroom and grabbed the toilet brush (I didn't even use the =3D
Playtex Living Gloves), gave it a thorough rinsing and used it to attack =
the glaze in the sieve. What a time saver. I vow to be more patient =3D
with repetition in the future.

After I finished sieving I told my main squeeze that if he was looking =3D
for ideas for gifts for the upcoming holidays, I could use some toilet =3D
brushes (all plastic, no metal, please). He responded that I could look =
for them in my stocking.

Alice DeLisle