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updated thu 1 dec 11


Claudia MacPhee on tue 29 nov 11


Flamethrowing. Check out the Ozzie site That is where=
I found out about it. I use really thin ling pieces, slivered like kindlin=
g about 25 inches long, two or three pieces. Right after I fill the bourry =
I open the brick, insert the wood but still hang on to it and let it start =
to blow up, push it in until it hangs on the edge of the kiln, reinsert the=
brick at an angle so the air draws right onto the wood.
Holding the brick in my hands I let it rip for a minute or so then put the =
brick completely back in.

When I had my training for our Volunteer fire Dept many years ago the fir=
st thing they taught was the 'fire triangle'. Fuel, source of ignition and =
oxygen. Remove any of the corners and you don't have a fire.
The draft of the kiln pulls that thin stream of air inside and causes major=
turbulence. The flame seems to go back towards the front of the kiln and t=
he heat really builds where you need it. At least that is how I
think it works. I know it works way better than just chucking in a couple o=
f pieces and replacing the brick. Without using it I hardly got to cone 6 i=
n the back. With it I can easily melt cone 11.

I also read your blog regularly Mike.

Claudia MacPhee Tagish, Yukon