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my teapot doesn't piddle!

updated tue 29 nov 11


Deborah Thuman on mon 28 nov 11

I made my first decent tea pot, attached a spout akin to the spout
from a kerosene can (small narrow spout), and made me a pot of tea.
Whooo hooooo! No piddling!!!! Pot is mica clay and does hold the heat
well but I still need a tea cozy. I was clueless about how much water
the pot would hold. Turns out it holds a lot more than I think.

Jim found the bamboo handles and needs to apply one to the pot.

Pot, sans handle, photo is on the blog. I love this pot. Next pot -
spout comes up even with the lid. Next pot, holes in the lugs will be

Deb Thuman