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cm this month and pix

updated mon 28 nov 11


mel jacobson on sun 27 nov 11

i really was impressed with this months cm.
the article on shino, the fellow from baltimore, got
me very excited. some of the best pots i have seen
in the last three years.

and there were other pots in that issue that are stunning.
nice going cm. balance is nice.

i have added a few pix to my website/clayart...the two new blues
from the last firing.

i really like both of is a leach 1234 celedon with
3 percent iron. i added a half teaspoon of both cobalt and chrome.
the oxides tumbled for three days in my rock polisher...with stones.
the glaze has some very fine taconite grindings...very speckled.

the dark blue is a sung type glaze from nigel wood. with both
cobalt and chrome.

the teapots have my traditional spouts. and i have been experimenting
with a bronze heavy wire handle with a bamboo insert. it still needs work.
i have to get a small jewelry torch in there to soften the ends so they
will bend to form a stay.
(that kettle quality.) a former student of mine, john kantor made these
years back. john is a fine musician/potter. great friend. he practice ta=
for me, but became a full time hopkins high student instead. it was
a great experience as he did not throw well/or no about clay.
he left our school a `ready for action` potter/teacher.
the kids loved teaching him and being partnered with an adult.

the pink/red blush on several of the pots is a thin wash of pete's cranberr=
added with an ear syringe. it is nice over persimmon/kaki.
look if you comments needed.
from: minnetonka, mn
clayart link: