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december cm

updated fri 25 nov 11


Sean Burns on thu 24 nov 11

Thanks and salutations to all on this American day of thanks- My wife is=3D=

working at the ER and we have moved our family day of feast to Friday. No=
the less I wanted to give a shout out of thanks to Ceramics Monthly and t=
educationally based issue they produced for the month of December.
As an active high school ceramics teacher I have so much to draw on and=3D2=

point students towards in the issue.................
-An awesome Feldspar techno File
- Dig It clay culture -=3D20
- Animal Magnetism
- Studio visit to Shanghai
- Functional Intent
- Domestic Intent and "Puffy Pots"
- Purposeful Design w/ how to
- A Pitcher w/ no handle demo
- Mask technique demo
- Inside the box demo
- Ancient Iranian Ceramics=3D20
- and more..........
So many inter- disciplinary subject areas are so completely covered i=
n this=3D20
issue that I remain somewhat floored . - Thanks

Sean Burns
Williamsburg, Ma.