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updated tue 27 jan 98


Rick Sherman on mon 26 jan 98

The Mendocino Art Center has published its schedule of spring
workshops. The ones offered in clay are as follows:

March 14 - 15: Leo Peck. Tiles, and hands on workshop. Participants
will learn the art of designing and creating free form and pressed
tiles and slip docorating techniques.

March 21 - 22: Jan Edwards. Making Teapots that work. The focus will
be on teapots that function, are balanced, pour well, look good and are
easy to use. The emphasis is the potters' wheel but handbuilders are

March 28 - 29: Diane Levinson. Large Vessels, Coil and Throw
Technique. A hands on workshop for the beginner as well as the
experience potter. Through demonstrations, slide presentation,
discussion and practice, participants will have the opportunity to
create vessels 20 - 30 inches in height.

April 4 - 5: Ingrid Knoblich. Slabs in Slings. A hands on workshop
in which participants will learn how to suspend handbuild forms and use
techniques su,ch as scraping, carving, paddling, burnishing, etc. Smoke
foring will be part of this class.

April 25 - 26: Mark Gordon. Throwing. The class will use
domonstration and practice to learn "tricks of the trade." These
include: "Impact Alteration," "air-in, air-out," "floating Foot," and
"Secret Strategies of the Voluninous Bottle," and others. Surface
treatment will be domonstrated and individual coaching offered each

May 2 - 3: Richard White. Sculpture. A hands on workshop exploring
suclpture in large and small scale to create work that can exist and
interact with an outdoor environment. Students will make macquettes to
be executed in scale and learn firing techniques which avoid warpoing
and cracking. Bring tools and lots of energy.

May 9 - 10: Ree Slocum and Jon Williams. Paperclay. A technical and
methodological workshop in which students learn the techniques of
paperclay through demonstrations, slides, response to questions and by
working on their own paperclay pieces. It is designed for
professionals as well as beginners.

May 16 -17: Nancy Selvin. Color and Form. Participants will use the
airbrush to explore the applicationof low-fire colors on clay.
Dissolving the boundries between su,rface and form, wil will use
underglazes to influence all stages of the creating process. Bring as
much of your own bisqueware as you can carry.

May 23, 24, & 25: Gillian Hodge. The Human Figure, Symbol and
Metaphor. This is an exploration of the human figure as the embodiment
of human aspiration. Using monoprints and drawing as concept
foundations to build sculptures, we will investigate personal concerns
as well as techniques to achieve successful realization of image. To
study approach, we will use slides from many past ears as well as
contemporary work.

May 30 - 31: Keth Rothman. Asymmetrical Balance. A hands on workshop
in which particpants will eplor son of the spontaneous approaches to
working with clay. We will use projects such as: clay calisthenics,
knee bowls, blindfold drawing, throwing off the hump, ten minute
teapot, upside down bowl, hollowed out solid teacups plus students will
be inspired to explore their own techniques.

The Mendocino Art Center is in the town of Mendocino on the northern
California Coast about three hours drive north from San Franciso.
Yoiu can contact the Center at P.O. Box 765, Mendocino, CA 95460,
(707) 937-5818, Fax: 937-1764. Also, Try their wedsite at:

Rick Sherman
California Crafts Network
San Jose, CA