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best cone 6 clear glaze

updated tue 22 nov 11


Randy McC on sun 20 nov 11

This is the best Cone 6 Clear Glaze I have ever used. Best with two thin c=
oats or it will go milky too. Great clear. No crazing on my stuff. Recipe=
Name: Leach Satin ClearCone: 6 Color: Clear
Firing: Oxidation Surface: SatinAmount Ingredient
21.7 Feldspar--Custer
21.7 Whiting
21.7 Silica
21.7 Kaolin--EPK
13.2 Frit--Ferro 3124100 Total
Unity Oxide
.081 Na2O
.084 K2O
.007 MgO
.829 CaO
1.000 Total.432 Al2O3
.087 B2O3
.005 Fe2O33.003 SiO2
.003 TiO2
.001 P2O57 Ratio
71.6 ExpComments: THIS IS A GREAT CLEAR semi satin GLAZE. No c=
razing. I got the glaze from Roxanne Hunnecut on Clayart. Not sure where =
it originated. Takes cobalt stains very well no running. A real keeper.
Calculations by GlazeMaster=3D99

Randy =3D

Steve Slatin on mon 21 nov 11

Randy -- FWIW -- I recognize this glaze as being a close-to-as-makes-no-dif=
ference recipe that=3D0Awas given to me as =3D0AFeldspar=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0=3DA=
=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0 2=3D0AEPK =3DA0=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0=3DA=
0 2=3D0ASilica=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0=3D
=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0 2=3D0AFrit 3124=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0 1.2=3D0A=3DA0=3D0AWhich=
is numerically easier=3D
to mix in small batches (not that most potters need a 9.2 g batch, but=3D0=
t scales readily).=3DA0 I had some crazing with it on my more-favored clay =
dies, but over some it =3D0Awas excellent and, as you say, didn't get cloud=
=3DA0when applied thin.=3D0A=3D0ASteve Slatin -- =3D0A=3D0A=3D0AN48.0886450=
482=3D0A=3D0A=3D0A________________________________=3D0AThis is the best Con=
e 6 Clea=3D
r Glaze I have ever used.=3DA0 Best with two thin coats or it will go milky=
oo.=3DA0 Great clear.=3DA0 No crazing on my stuff. Recipe Name:=3DA0 Leach =
Satin =3D
ClearCone:=3DA0 6=3DA0 =3DA0 Color:=3DA0 Clear=3D0AFiring:=3DA0 Oxidation=
=3DA0 =3DA0 Surfac=3D
e:=3DA0 SatinAmount=3DA0 =3DA0 Ingredient=3D0A21.7=3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =
=3DA0 Feldspar--Cus=3D
ter=3D0A21.7=3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 Whiting=3D0A21.7=3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0=
=3DA0 =3DA0 Silica=3D0A21=3D
.7=3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 Kaolin--EPK=3D0A13.2=3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0=
=3DA0 Frit--Ferro 312=3D
4100=3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 Total=3D0AUnity=3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 Ox=
ide=3D0A.081=3DA0 =3DA0 =3D
=3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 Na2O=3D0A.084=3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 K2O=3D0A.007=
=3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 Mg=3D
O=3D0A.829=3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 CaO=3D0A1.000=3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA=
0 =3DA0 Total.432=3DA0 =3DA0=3D
=3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 Al2O3=3D0A.087=3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 B2O3=3D0A.00=
5=3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0=3D
Fe2O33.003=3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 SiO2=3D0A.003=3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3D=
A0 =3DA0 TiO2=3D0A.001=3D
=3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 P2O57=3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 Ratio=3D0A=
71.6=3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3DA0 =3D
=3DA0 =3DA0 ExpComments:=3DA0 THIS IS A GREAT CLEAR semi satin GLAZE.=3DA0 =
No crazi=3D
ng.=3DA0 I got the glaze from Roxanne Hunnecut on Clayart.=3DA0 Not sure wh=
ere =3D
it originated.=3DA0 Takes cobalt stains very well no running.=3DA0 A real k=

Vinod Chettur on mon 21 nov 11

This has a refined finish for a Cone 6 clear glaze. I just make it as=3D20
25/25/25/25/ 3134 =3D3D15.=3D20

This is David Leach's Cone 8 celadon glaze with Cornwall stone and 2% RIO=
instead of Potash Feldspar and without the 3134.


Dinah Snipes Steveni on tue 22 nov 11

I like the transparent glaze GA19 p. 107 from M. Bailey's Glazes ^6 which i=
s non-crazing for porcelain body from Seattle Pottery Supply called CKK6. I=
have yet to test it on bodies which are more iron rich like SeaMix5 Tan, o=
r contain manganese flecks like Goldstone. I can fire this glaze successfu=
lly at ^5/^6.It likes to applied on the thin side. Spraying is an excellent=

Are we all singing from the same glaze book here about the terminology of c=
lear aka transparent or does someone want to jump in with arcane clarificat=

PS. Mingei show at Glenn Richards in Seattle on Denny is wonderful. Hank Mu=
rrow's work positively shone. Incredible setting with all these great pots =
placed on tonsus and lovely wooden antique shelving. I seemed to have misse=
d Logan by minutes....

Mount Vernon, WA.

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