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salt frenzie

updated fri 18 nov 11


mel jacobson on thu 17 nov 11

please do not get into a frenzie over salt.
we have gone over this for ages.
all the proof is on our side.

when vapor and fumes re/unite with air/oxygen
they all change composition. i will let vince
explain. i am not a chemist.

some college dean will take the frenzie
letters and say...`see, we cannot have a salt kiln
it will kill someone`.
be careful.

we have no evidence at all that anyone has every
been sickened by salt fumes from a kiln.

dr. bastechard has given us his total blessing.

any kiln built, anywhere, anytime must have proper
stacking and venting. only a fool would not do this.

stacks need open, air flowing space.
it is vital. staying above roof lines is
important, not only to venting but proper
kiln firing. wind is critical. too much
and the kiln will not fire well, no air flow
and the kiln will not fire well.
wind, weather, hot and cold temps
all affect how a kiln fires.
from: minnetonka, mn
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