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fw: thoughts on salt glazing course?

updated thu 17 nov 11


David Woof on wed 16 nov 11

Hi Sasha=3D2C

You say: <"I also know that salt glazing is polluting"> Tut-tut girl friend=
=3D2C fear cripples!!! Ask self "what do I really "know" about anything!!!
First one should define pollution and polluting=3D20
and then ponder this while barreling down the road in your oil dripping pet=
roleum guzzling
internal combustion conveyance with thousands/millions of other polluting m=
odern chariots. Nothing goes away!!! It just changes form!!!

And then dig into the mind boggling research of where and from what is the =
energy produced to recycle or mine raw materials to manufacture and assembl=
e the vehicle parts=3D2C and to transmit and convert to stored energy and r=
onvert to usable energy to run down the road in the new generation of ""CLE=
AN"" electric auto.=3DA0=3D20

When you have successfully wrestled out of this dilemma and see that in the=
big context=3D2C salt firing is but an insignificant puff of elemental ele=
nts toxic to living organisms only in confined and concentrated doses=3D2C =
d if the salt glazing experience is more than an idle curiosity=3D2C then y=
are welcome to attend one of my free workshops offered from a life time of=
production and teaching wood fired salt glazing. Next one in Feb. 2012.=3D=
(Of course you must sign a defense/indemnity clause and waiver of liability=
in case your family tries to sue me when you die of "salt firing toxins" a=
t age 110.)=3DA0 smile!!!

On this note: go to that workshop you are considering armed with an open mi=
nd and eager anticipation.=3DA0 Most folks spend/waste more than the averag=
e =3D
workshop fee each month on non-essentials and impulse spending so sharpen y=
our pencil=3D2C put your hair up in a bun or hat=3D2C feet in sturdy boots =
and =3D
hit the road for that workshop. We can never be sure in advance what will b=
e our next life changing experience!!! All experience finds its place in th=
e foundation of our present next step.

Venture forward with courage and anticipation of good things yet unknown=3D=


David Woof
> thoughts on salt glazing course?
> Posted by: "Sasha Bosbeer" sashatrees@HOTMAIL.COM=3D20
> Date: Tue Nov 15=3D2C 2011 10:14 am ((PST))
> =3D20
> Hello=3D2C all=3D2C
> I am in the middle of a career break developing my skills in pottery=3D2C=
ith an eye to=3D20
> turning my potting from hobby to my full-time activity.
> I have the opportunity to do a salt-glazing workshop which I was really l=
ooking forward to.=3D20
> However=3D2C it's a bit expensive (more than I had thought)... so I wante=
d =3D
to ask more=3D20
> experienced potters what you think about the benefits of doing such a wor=
> I know the course would be a lot of fun and that I would enjoy it enormou=
> *One of the things I love about pottery is all the wonderful chemical int=
> and also the long traditions stretching over hundreds of years of what pe=
> discovered in different parts of the world.*=3D20
> I also know that salt glazing is polluting and that I may not use it much=
> But=3D2C do you think that the skills and knowledge gained would be of ge=
ral use ?=3D20
> I look forward to hearing your thoughts!
> Thanks=3D2CSasha Bosbeer =3D20
> =3D20
> =3D20