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juried exhibitions

updated tue 15 nov 11


Marilyn Barbe on sun 13 nov 11

I wonder if those of you who enter juried exhibitions and run juried
exhibitions could give us a bit of advice.

Our well established guild
has held a juried exhibition almost every second year for thirty years.
One of our funding bodies wants us to change how we run the exhibition
next year and I think it is to our detriment.

They would like us to
pay the CARFAC rate for each person who is entered into the show. That
is $288.00 per person.

The organizing committee feels that if this is
the case, then we can only afford to have a maximum of 15 potters in the

Personally, I feel that the funding body does not understand a
ceramic exhibition. How can we have a juried exhibition and limit the
number of people who can be in the show ahead of time? There is a
potential here that we could have only 15 pieces in the show! Or to make
the show larger, pots that are not as good will get in because they are
made by one of the 15.

Potters pay 30.00 to submit their pieces. We
are also awarding prizes for the "best" pieces.

Have you ever heard of
the practice of paying everyone in a show such a large sum per person?

The way I interpret the demand that we make such large payments to
each potter is this: our funding body is very knowledgeable about
paintings and sculpture, where perhaps two or three people are in a
show. They do not understand what a ceramics exhibition is, that we need
several potters to make a good juried exhibition.

I sure hope this
make sense, and I appreciate any advise you can give me.


Marilyn Barbe