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philly crafts show.

updated mon 14 nov 11


Frank Gaydos on sun 13 nov 11

The Craft show was very enjoyable this year. Everyone I asked said they wer=
e doing very good to excellent in sales!=3D20

This is quite a difference from the last two years.=3DC2=3DA0=3D20

Here is the listing of ceramic artists:=3D20



=3DC2=3DA0 Robert Briscoe=3D20
Sandra Byers=3D20
Paveen Chunhaswasdikul=3D20
Michael F. Connelly=3D20
Julie Crosby=3D20
Paul Eshelman=3D20
Marty Fielding=3D20
Bryan Hopkins=3D20
Olen Hsu=3D20
Shawn Ireland=3D20
Ani D. Kasten=3D20
Cliff Lee=3D20
Jennifer McCurdy=3D20
=3D09=3D09Matthew Metz=3D20
Lisa Naples=3D20
Irina O. Okula=3D20
Justin Rothshank=3D20
Akira Satake=3D20
Paula Shalan=3D20
Leonid Siveriver=3D20
Will Swanson=3D20
Mariko Swisher=3D20
Munemitsu Taguchi=3D20
Ikuzi Teraki & Jeanne Bisson=3D20
Jim F. Whalen=3D20
Jonathan K. White=3D20

http :// pmacraftshow .org/=3D20

Frank Gaydos=3D20

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as=3D20
when they do it from religious conviction"=3D20
Blaise Pascal.=3D20