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kilns diy or prebuilt?

updated tue 27 jan 98


Jonathan Kaplan on mon 26 jan 98

There is much to be gained by building your own gas kiln. Mnay have
expressed the same thoughts on the list earlier. It is indeed an experience
that is not to be missed. It can be overwhealming and confusing, but there
is much information available to you. Not only would I encourage one to do
the refractory end of it, but to also construct the burners if possible.
There is lots of information about combustion out there also.

Now, I bought a premade gas kiln 2 years ago built to my specifications
because I just didn't have the time to devote to constructing my own. If
you can work with the kiln builder and get the kiln exactly as you want it,
it may also be a valuable experience.

Seems like one needs to weigh the time factor as well as the cost.


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