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public statement/cm

updated wed 9 nov 11


mel jacobson on tue 8 nov 11

when i critique anything, it is the `work`.
i have seen pots/and so called art lately that i do not like.

cm does not make the work.
sherman does not make the work.
the magazines publish what they get.
bill jones publishes what authors send
to him. much is rejected.

tech articles are good for everyone.

the people at the magazines are friends
of mine. i respect them a great deal.
and, they will remain great friends.

i have worked for them for years...dozens
of articles.

my negative view is the work, not the
mel jacobson
and, i do believe i have a right to
my opinion without being called names
and being mocked as being old and out
of touch.
from: minnetonka, mn
clayart link:

John Britt on tue 8 nov 11


What if someone said- "I hate his work". Then later said- "Oh, I like him=
but his=3D20
design and throwing skills and all his aesthetic decisions are what I hat=
e". That=3D20
would be insulting wouldn't it?

Well that is the same thing you are saying about CM. You hate the stuff i=
there but you like them. Well, as you know, they make the decisions about=
what is in there. They are trying to be relevant, provide current interes=
material to a wide audience and if you are constantly beating the same ol=
drum beat about how bad the stuff in there is, it isn't helping.

You are certainly entitled to your opinion as am I. And if you keep harp=
ing on=3D20
the old out of date assertion that either Ceramics Monthly sucks or the w=
sucks or modern art sucks then being accused of being an Andy Rooney is=3D2=

appropro. Harping the same old mantra in spite of obvious changes is wha=
Andy did.

You spend your time saying what you do is great and all your friends are =
but that stuff sucks. When things get reversed you don't like it.

John Britt