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holiday open house and sale monocacy river pottery

updated tue 8 nov 11


Bruce Bowers on mon 7 nov 11

Hi Folks,
You and your friends are invited to our=3D20
Fall Pottery Sale and Open House at Monocacy River Pottery=3D20

Saturday, November 19 and Sunday, November 20, from 10:00 am =3DE2=3D80=3D=
93 4:0=3D
0 pm=3D20

11801 Hunt Club Rd., Thurmont, MD 21788=3D20

New work by:=3D20

Bruce Bowers, _www.bowerswoodfireandpics.com_=3D20
( , (301) 646-3481,=3D20
_Sailoor47@aol.com_ ( =3D20
And 6 other potters working in the functional, woodfire genre.=3D20

Come and spend some lovely time in this beautiful, deeply rural setting on=
the banks of the Monocacy River. You can wander the grounds and get an =3D=
inside look into the workings of one of the last traditional potteries of i=
ts =3D20
kind in the Metro DC/Baltimore area. There are three Japanese style wood=
kilns on the property as well as a gallery, a studio, and an historic=3D20
building that has been revitalized and enlivened by a group of active pott=
I teach wood firing workshops here and also organize events by world=3D20
famous artists like Phil Rogers, Ruthanne Tudball (both from the U.K.) and=
Feel free to call me, Bruce Bowers, at (301) 646-3481, or email me at=3D20
_sailoor47@aol.com_ ( for directions and additio=
nal =3D20