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shows part two

updated mon 7 nov 11


mel jacobson on sun 6 nov 11

i think we have to define what is a `show`?

it is very confusing.

some shows are like gallery, museum exhibits.
some shows are sales shows.
some shows are wholesale shows.

some are for ego, some are for business.

some shows are for the organizers to make money.
some are to show `the state of art in america`.

but, the bottom line:
all shows have to be paid for and you must measure
how your reputation is going to be made when the
venue is in florida, or london?

perhaps you are going to be way ahead doing something
local. in your 50 mile circle.

i helped organize 5 women from hay creek doing a show
at the hopkins center for the arts. they sold a ton, got
great exposure and the center made a lot of money.
everyone was thrilled. big crowds. (of course the pots
where out of this world good.)

next year we are going to do 5 men from hay creek.
(not me.)

i just walked in and presented an idea. sort of gave them
a heads up with what could be promoted and sold.
it worked. classy, but all hand made and local.

there is a real truism...`hollywood does not come to you, you go
to hollywood`. if you are waiting for fame, it is a long wait.

think of all the store fronts that are sitting empty...just waiting for
someone to rent it for a week...almost free. turn on the lights,
'sweep it out, set up tables and do a group show.
pay yourself the show fee. huge paper signs in the window, and
get the local paper to cover it. simple, very simple kinko's colorful
cards sent. post cards. no graphics, no pix of twenty glossy pots...just
`come and buy`.

the last few years i have done my holiday show at the end of november,
then i do a one day sale...the saturday before Christmas. a second
sale, one day. it has always been a two thousand +- dollar day.
the card says....`come and buy yourself a gift`.
(in fact, i do not take down my weekend show. just leave it up and
sell to those that call and stop. i spend a great deal of time at
my farm at that time...hearding my relatives through the deer
hunting experience. so, i get it all organized ahead of time.
(like today.) two glaze firings ready to go.

from: minnetonka, mn
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