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juried shows.

updated mon 7 nov 11


Clay art on sun 6 nov 11

Judges have to be subjective in selecting work for shows. Shows ( I am
talking about exhibitions here) should have a theme ( or at least concept).
The ones that are the most successful are the ones that becomes a harmoniou=
statement; a successful execution of the original idea/theme. To be able to
do that, they have to be subjective, not necessarily with personal taste,
but definitely to make the show work. If the judge has a fine critical eye
to distinguish between high craftsmanship and bad and clumpy work and stick
to his/her guns, it must turn out successful.

Judges that take their job seriously will not put work in a show that does
not belong there, even if it is a well-known person's work. That being said=
Artists should read the guidelines for a show to see if their work will
fit in.

Antoinette Badenhorst