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5,000 handles questions

updated tue 27 jan 98


Joyce Lee on mon 26 jan 98

For clayarters who missed it and now would like to know more, Mel
offered some sage advice on throwing mugs and pulling handles - advice
which I and others very much appreciated. In doing so, he mentioned
that a novice potter would probably (not sure he said "probably") create
5,000 such mugs before getting it right. I was kidding when I asked,
"5,000 Mel?," not questioning his generously shared information.
I agree with him. I do get it. I'm talking consistently throwing an
outstandingly wonderful, perfect, simple, utilitarian mug with gracious,
individualistic, works-of-art pulled handles. Nothing fancy, just a mug
I would deem "perfect" from my own perspective. I'll likely never
achieve it, but what a joy to try! Many others also gave great
suggestions which paralleled Mel's but they were off line. If you'd
like to know more, ask the list, please. I'm trying to absorb here and
am not qualified to share much. When, and if, I am qualified, I will
proudly share. You can count on it.

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