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speaking of wheelheads:uneven surface wobble

updated tue 18 oct 11


Stephani Stephenson on mon 17 oct 11

I picked up an older creative industries wheel for next to nothing. works=

great but the wheelhead is a composite material and has a 'rise' in the
center ..i/e it is no longer flat. it came with bats and bat pins, but t=
rise is enough to affect the setting of the bats.

for now ,I have been throwing off the hump so it isn't a hindrance but i=
need to fix it .

i suppose I could attempt to go in with a grinder on the wheelhead. might=
able to get it so the hump isn't a hindrance to to the bat, but doubt if =
could get it truly flat with a=3D20
hand grinder. maybe finish with an electric sander?

i suppose I could also figure out a plaster bat system as well.

I notice CI is out of biz, or at least under a new name. haven't spec'd o=
the cost of a new wheel head.

anyone been there, done that? tips? suggestions?

Carl Cravens on mon 17 oct 11

CI was purchased by Speedball. As far as I can tell, they continue to sell =
the entire CI line. The bats I recently bought have the Speedball logo mold=
ed on the underside, but they otherwise seem identical in material and desi=

On your wheel, is it just the composite that's deformed, or is it the =3D
underlying steel head has been damaged? If it's just the composite (which s=
eems most likely to me), maybe you can flatten it back out with heat.