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kilns ruining pots

updated mon 17 oct 11


John Post on sun 16 oct 11

> and don't you laugh.....those darn kilns ruin pots. fire too fast.
> it is a joke. untrained, no nothing with a degree in art education.
> who was the professor that trained them? they know nothing either.
> theory. or commonly called bs.
> mel

My school district hires its art teachers from a university in Detroit.

Most of the teachers who get hired have never fired a kiln before.
You can get a Master's degree from this university and still not have
had to fire a kiln in the process.

They don't know the difference between cone 06 and cone 6, they don't
understand which clay body to use for which type of work, and
regularly melt down glaze firings and low fire clay in their kilns.

Manufacturers probably make fast wheels and fast firing kilns just for
them... If you're gonna ruin your work, you might as well get it over
with as quickly as possible.

John Post
Sterling Heights, Michigan

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