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strictly functional (application)

updated mon 26 jan 98


Jean Lehman on sun 25 jan 98

I downloaded the prospectus for the Strictly Functional Pottery National
tonight in case some more of you are having trouble finding it on the web.
All the pertinent information comes first, followed by the application
after the double dotted line.

Let me know if you have more questions... the postmark date must be by
January 31.

Jean Lehman


The Sixth Annual Strictly Functional Pottery National =A9

1/31/98 Postmark deadline
3/1 Notification begins
3/25 B=26W photos due
4/15-20 Deadline to receive works
5/2 Preview Party
5/2-5/3 Cynthia Bringle Clay Workshop
5/3 Opening Reception to the public
5/24 Exhibition closes
5/28-6/10 Checks or works mailed

Cynthia Bringle has been a functional potter for more than thirty years.
After graduating from Memphis Academy
of Art, she earned her MFA from Alfred University. She has received
numerous awards, participated in many
national and international exhibitions and is part of countless permanent
collections. Bringle enjoys working with
different clay bodies and firing methods, from low fire electric to
reduction stoneware to wood fired work. We are
delighted to have her jury this exhibit.

Approximately =244000 in cash awards and business donations will be awarded
after viewing the actual works.

=8A Residents of the 50 United States.
=8A Produced after January, 1996.
=8A Size not to exceed thirty (30) inches in any dimension or twenty (20)
pounds in weight.

=8A Enter up to three functional pieces.
=8A Retail value: up to =24600.
=8A Pieces must be available for display and for sale.
=8A Accepted pieces which differ significantly from the slides will be
=8A Accepted pieces which display poor craftmanship that was not visible on
the slide will be disqualified.
=8A No accepted entry may be withdrawn prior to the close of the exhibition.

=8A Submit up to three (3) pieces of work for one non-refundable fee of =
=8A Checks will be cashed in February, 1998. Fee for returned checks is =
=8A Make checks out to Market House Craft Center.

=8A Place slides in a plastic slide protector.
=8A Maximum of three (3) works per person.
=8A Only one (1) slide per work entered.
=8A Slides must be 35mm color in cardboard or plastic mount.
=8A Each slide must be marked as shown. (not shown on internet...)
=8A Slides of work not accepted will be returned only if accompanied by an
addressed, business size envelope with
=24.78 postage.

=2A=2A=2AOn the front of the slide indicate:
Name, Title, and Mark slide A, B, or C in the upper left-hand corner
Put arrow in top right to show top of slide
Put specific Medium and Dimensions (HxWxD) in lower right-hand corner.

The catalog is black and white. Due to poor photographic reproduction of
color slides into black and white
pictures, the MHCC requests accepted entrants to submit professionally
photographed B=26W glossy 5x7 prints of
accepted pieces. These must be B=26W prints from B=26W film. No =
transfers from slides. Work will
appear in the catalog only if the quality of the photograph is printable
and is received by the publication deadline.

All work must be for sale. Prices cannot be changed from the originally
submitted application. MHCC will retain a
35=25 commission from sales to help underwrite the cost of the exhibit.

MHCC will insure the work while in its possession. MHCC is not responsible
for damage in transit.

=8A MHCC reserves the right to photograph works, and use submitted photo
materials of accepted pieces for the
purposes of documentation, education, publicity, and future grant
proposals. Photos and slides of accepted pieces
will not be returned.
=8A The exhibition will also appear on the World Wide Web. The 1997 SFPN
exhibit may still be viewed at

The SFPN is supported in part by the PA Council on the Arts and, in 1997, =
AMACO: American Art Clay Co., Inc.=3B Bailey Pottery Equipment Corp.=3B
Ceramics Monthly=3B Clay Times=3B Creative
Industries=3B Del Val Potter's Supply Co.=3B Giffin Tec, Inc.=3B =
Technical Ceramics, Inc.=3B Laguna Clay Co.=3B
Lancaster Designer-Craftsmen=3B Market House Craft Center=3B Orton Firing
Institute=3B Penn-Mo Fire Brick Co.=3B
Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen=3B Randall Pottery=3B Skutt Ceramic =
Standard Ceramic Supply Co.

Dear Applicant,
The Market House Craft Center is a non-profit volunteer organization
dedicated to organizing exhibits that
encourage understanding of fine crafts. MHCC makes no profit on this
exhibit and hires no personnel. In 1997 we
had more than fifty volunteers who gave many hours to make this exhibit a
success. The MHCC relies totally on
grants, sponsors, donations, AND entry fees to cover all the expenses in
presenting this event.

In 1997 our catalog featured all except 4 of the 96 accepted pieces. We
appreciate the willingness of the artists to
send in their pictures. The catalog helps in our goal of giving functional
potters more national exposure.

We have received comments from people around the world who have enjoyed the
SFPN on the World Wide Web.
Please help spread the word about this exhibit. We are very excited about
the positive reception the SFPN has
received, and we look forward to Cynthia Bringle as our juror.

We appreciate each and every entry. Thank you=21=21
Jean B. Lehman, Project Director

We have learned that people forget which slide they sent as entry A B or C.
To help you remember, please make a note of which piece is which entry,
what price you have chosen, and the title. When accepted, we will refer to
A B or C, and it helps if YOU know which piece(s) get into the exhibit=21 =
description you write here is whatever it takes to tell YOU which is which.

Entry A - Title Price =24


Entry B - Title Price =24


Entry C - Title Price =24


Jean Lehman, SFPN Project Director
The Market House Craft Center
Studio 201,100 N. State St.
Ephrata, PA 17522

copies acceptable

Postmark Deadline: JANUARY 31, 1998



City State Zip

Telephone Daytime:




How did you hear about the show? (check all that apply)

Ceramics Monthly Friend=3B other potter
Clay Times Saw the poster
Craft Report Got application in mail
Studio Potter NL Clay Art
School=3B Professor Internet
Past Participant Guild=3B organization

AGREEMENT (the fine print)
Submission of my application and slides shall constitute my agreement to
comply with all the conditions and terms set forth in this prospectus. I
understand that all decisions by the MHCC,
the juror, and the project director are final. I release and discharge the
MHCC and its workers from any and all claims.



=2A=2A=2ANo entry accepted without signature

Check here if you WILL ALLOW MHCC to release your address to galleries or
Your address will not appear on the Internet.

Agreement form signed?
Check/money order (payable to MHCC) enclosed? (=2420)
Slides in a plastic sleeve?
Are slides marked with appropriate info?
A (=2310) Business size envelope enclosed with =24.78 postage?
Have you double checked to see if all the information is correct?
All application information is final, including selling prices and titles.

Please double check for accuracy=21=21=21

---------- Entry A:


Date of work Dimensions h w d

Type of Clay

Type of Firing



---------- Entry B:


Date of work Dimensions h w d

Type of Clay

Type of Firing



---------- Entry C:


Date of work Dimensions h w d

Type of Clay

Type of Firing



Mail completed application, with the signed and dated agreement, slides,
check, and self-addressed business size stamped envelope, to:

Jean B. Lehman
Market House Craft Center
Studio 201, 100 N. State St.
Ephrata, PA 17522