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for eutectic freaks !!!

updated mon 24 oct 11


Edouard Bastarache on sun 23 oct 11

Eutectices with boron compounds :=3D20

The melting properties of boron are due partly to many possible =3D
eutectics from the compounds present in glazes.=3D20


Here is a table which summarizes the most known cases, classified by =3D
ascending order of melting points of temperature :=3D20


Eutectic Compounds
Melting Point
Boric Anhydride=3D20
294 =3DB0C=3D20
Thallium Metaborate
TlO2, B2O3-=3D20
350 =3DB0C=3D20
PbO, 0.238 B2O3, 0.780 SiO2
485 =3DB0C=3D20
Lead Oxide, Boric Anhydride
2.303 PbO, B2O3=3D20
493 =3DB0C=3D20
Lead Oxide, Boric Anhydride
2 PbO, B2O3=3D20
497 =3DB0C=3D20
Lead Oxide, Boric Anhydride
5 PbO, 4 B2O3=3D20
548 =3DB0C=3D20
Lead Oxide, Boric Anhydride
4 PbO, B2O3=3D20
565 =3DB0C=3D20
K2O, B2O3, SiO2=3D20
K2O, 2.11 B2O3, 2.85 SiO2=3D20
630 =3DB0C=3D20
Sodium Metaborate and Lithium Metaborate
1.43 (Na2O-B2O3), Li2O-B2O3
640 =3DB0C=3D20
Anhydrous Borax
Na2O, 2B2O3=3D20
741 =3DB0C=3D20
Barium Oxide, Boric Anhydride
BaO, 0.64 B2O3=3D20
750 =3DB0C=3D20
Lead Oxide, Boric Anhydride
PbO, 2B2O3=3D20
768 =3DB0C=3D20
Na2O, B2O3, SiO2=3D20
Na2O, 1.29 B2O3, 0.78 SiO2
790 =3DB0C=3D20
Sodium Metaborate, Sodium Metaphosphate
Na2O-B2O3, Na2O-P2O5
800 =3DB0C=3D20
Lithium Metaborate, Lithium Metasilicate
Li2SiO3, 4.66 (Li2O-B2O3)
802 =3DB0C=3D20
Sodium Metaborate, Sodium Metasilicate
Na2SiO3, 1.52 (Na2O-B2O3)
815 =3DB0C=3D20
Sodium and Potassium Metaborates
K2O-B2O3, 1.24 (Na2O-B2O3)
855 =3DB0C=3D20
Cadmium Metaborate
CdO, B2O3=3D20
875 =3DB0C=3D20
Potassium Metaborate and Potassium Metaphosphate=3D20
KBO2, KPO3=3D20
885 =3DB0C=3D20
Strontium Diborate and Strontium Metaborate
SrO, 1.58 B2O3=3D20
890 =3DB0C=3D20
Strontium Diborate
SrO, 2 B2O3=3D20
930 =3DB0C=3D20
Cuprous Sesquiborate

3 Cu2O, 2 B2O3=3D20
950-1000 =3DB0C=3D20
Sodium Metaborate
Na2O, B2O3=3D20
965 =3DB0C=3D20
Potassium Metaborate
K2O, B2O3=3D20
968 =3DB0C=3D20
Cupric Metaborate
CuO, B2O3=3D20
980 =3DB0C=3D20
Strontium, Metaborate, Strontium Pyroborate
SrO, 0.71 B2O3=3D20
980 =3DB0C=3D20
Magnesium Metaborate
MgO, B2O3=3D20
988 =3DB0C=3D20
Calcium Metaborate, Calcium Diborate
2 CaO, 3B2O3=3D20
990 =3DB0C=3D20
Barium Pyroborate
2 BaO, B2O3=3D20
1000 =3DB0C=3D20
Calcium Diborate
CaO, 2B2O3=3D20
1025 =3DB0C=3D20
Barium Metaborate=3D20
BaO, B2O3=3D20
1050 =3DB0C=3D20
Calcium Metaborate and Calcium Pyroborate
CaO, 0.83 B2O3=3D20
1060 =3DB0C=3D20
Calcium Metaborate
CaO, B2O3=3D20
1095 =3DB0C=3D20
Strontium Metaborate
SrO, B2O3=3D20
1100 =3DB0C=3D20
Strontium Pyroborate
2 SrO, B2O3=3D20
1115 =3DB0C=3D20
Calcium Pyroborate
2 CaO, B2O3=3D20
1215 =3DB0C=3D20
Magnesium Pyroborate
2 MgO, B2O3=3D20
1340 =3DB0C=3D20

Smart.Conseil / Septembre 2002.=3D20


Edouard Bastarache=3D20