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bill schran's school

updated fri 28 oct 11


mel jacobson on thu 27 oct 11

i was going through a list of
america's largest institutions of higher learning.
my god bill, your school is bigger
than the univ of michigan.
(and, a lot less dollars to attend.)
i am helping in paying off my
grand daughters college loan
from u/ alabama.
9.9 percent interest. interesting
that you can get a home loan for
like 4 percent. a car at 1 percent.
but, kids pay 10. is that an accident?
(no need to respond, just my
mini thought of the day. i am doing
checks, and need some kaopectate.)
that would be kaolin based stomach medicine
for diaherrea.

i would bet that cave men ate clay
to control stomach disorders 2 million
years ago. and, they told dirty jokes.
from: minnetonka, mn
clayart link: