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classes in atlanta?

updated fri 30 jan 98


Earl & Sharron Baum on sun 25 jan 98

Greetings all!

I'm looking at getting back into ceramics after not playing with clay since high
school (an embarassing number of years ago)... I've been lurking on the list
long enough to realize how much I miss getting mud under my fingernails.

I'm looking for a studio-sponsored class in the Atlanta, GA area that covers
both handbuilding and the wheel - especially if the students can rent time/space
in the facilities after the class ends. (Since I'm currently in an apartment,
working at home isn't really an option).

I've looked at some of the Adult-Ed classes through the local colleges, but they
don't seem to have what I'm looking for...


On a crisp and clear night in North Georgia
Earl & Sharron Baum
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Margaret F Patterson on thu 29 jan 98

Earl --

Atlanta has a number of art centers scattered around the city that offer
clay classes. I am most familiar with Callanwolde Fine Arts Center which
is on Briarcliff Road -- a bit west of Emory Univ. Clay offerings include
beginning and intermediate wheel and begining and intermediate handbuilding, a
figure sculpture class, a studio procedures class, and various workshops.
Enrolled students may use the facility when there is not another class
meeting. The facility is open 7 days a week. Classes are held mornings
and evenings on week days. The firing options offered include cone 10
reduction, cone 6 electric, raku, pit, and salt. It is a well-run,
well-organized program. Credit is due to the full-time director, Glenn
Dair, who, along with 8 assistants and several student helpers, move
thousands of student pots through the system each quarter. The art center
is housed on an elegant estate, once a Coca-Cola family residence. The
good news/bad news is that the program is very popular and demand often
exceeds capacity by 50%. To deal with this, each quarter's registration is
determined by lottery.

While Callanwolde is near and dear to me, having been a student there and
then in the assistantship program, Atlanta does have several other very
good community centers offereing clay instruction. They are scattered
around the metropolitan area. I'll list some that come to mind, but if I
leave a place out, it's senility, not purposeful!! Maybe some other
Atlanta Clay Arters can add to the list.

Spruill Center for the Arts
Chastain Arts Center
Abernaty Arts Center
Roswell something (something like center for the visual arts -- look in
phone book for Cobb County parks or cultural telephone number)
Gwinett art center
The Potters Guild
The Art Station

Hope these give you a good start.

Margaret Patterson in Atlanta -- surprised at how fast time flies