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fw: do you have any tricks for prying a wheel head off a shimpo???

updated sat 1 oct 11


MEUNIER LEE on fri 30 sep 11

Well, gentlemen and the couple of ladies who've
dropped out of this=3D

=3D0A=3D0AWell, gentlemen and the couple of ladies who've=3D0Adropped out o=
f this=3D
discussion, we're now at=3D0Athe point of making sorta' humorous remarks =
about NOT being able to remove the wheelhead=3D0Afrom the Shimpo.=3D0A=3D0A=
Soooo =3D
perhaps it's time to refer you to the first=3D0Areply to Bob's question, wh=
h happend to be=3D0Amine.=3DA0 Anyway, I think it was the first.=3D0A=3D0AM=
estion was to call Shimpo and ask them.=3D0AI had attempted many of the sug=
stions you=3D0Amentioned in your many e-mails and none=3D0Aworked for me.=
=3DA0 Fi=3D
nally, when I did call, I found=3D0Athat few of the engineers had ever actu=
ly=3D0Ainstalled or removed a wheelhead from this=3D0Aparticular (and likel=
y ot=3D
hers) model since they=3D0Awere manufactured elsewhere.... out of=3D0Acount=
ry, =3D
that is.=3DA0 Therefore, all=3D0Atheir ideas, too, were simply educated gue=
.=3D0A=3D0AFinally, I found an engineer who had tested the=3D0Awheelheads m=
any ti=3D
mes, ran into the same=3D0Aproblem, solved it.... and was pleased to pass o=
=3D0Athe information.=3DA0 Persistence!=3DA0 Patience! That will=3D0Ado it,=
I'm sur=3D
e.=3D0A=3D0AGuys!=3DA0 Jeez.=3D0A=3D0AJoyce=3D0AIn the Mojave desert of Cal=
ifornia U.S.=3D
A. disliking=3D0Avery much this NEW Yahoo system.=3D0A=3D0A=3D0A----- Forwa=
rded Mes=3D
sage -----=3D0AFrom: Vinod Chettur =3D0ATo: Clayart@L=
ERAMICS.ORG=3D0ASent: Thursday, September 29, 2011 3:51 PM=3D0ASubject: Re:=
do =3D
you have any tricks for prying a wheel head off a shimpo???=3D0A=3D0AMy RK =
has =3D
this problem. While I've not yet been able to get the wheelhead off, =3D0Ah=
e is what Shimpo told me to try...=3D0A=3D0A"Before releasing the wheelhead=
e sure you have removed the bolt that is =3D0Abellow it utilizing the T-Wre=
h. WD-40 should help you release it, but if that's =3D0Anot enough you can =
y to carefully pry it with a couple of 2x4's. Try to use =3D0Atwo so that i=
t =3D
comes straight up. If you use just one you can risk bending the =3D0Awheelh=
d. Also be careful not to force anything and cause damage to your =3D0Awhee=
l =3D
or yourself. =3D0AIf you feel comfortable doing this, the other option is t=
o =3D
get your wheel moving =3D0Aat a very slow speed and then try to hold the wh=
lhead. This will help it =3D0Arelease from the shaft. =3D0AThe RK-Whisper u=
ly comes with a manual. If you would like us to send you =3D0Aone just emai=
l =3D
me your address. =3D0A=3D0AHope that helps!"