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new art school in kent?

updated sat 31 jan 98


Wendy Rosen on sat 24 jan 98

Does anyone know anything about this?
Sounds like a good story!

New art school in Kent, Ohio...
"Retired ceramics professor to open the Plum Creek School
of Pottery in Kent Classes to start Feb 3 in studio created out of former
garage for city trucks..."

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SHEATEK on thu 29 jan 98

Yes, 'tis true, the former Kent, OH maintenance garage has been converted. I
saw it advertised in our local newspaper. I have been searching for studio
space since the birth of my daughter ( i no longer want to work in my
basement.....fumes.....chemicals, etc.) and I called them, but have not as of
yet gotten a response. Has anyone else has any contact with George S???
(sorry, I don't remember his last name.) Are you out there, George?? I'd sure
love more info about the Plum Creek School of Pottery! I am looking for a
place in the Kent, Ravenna, Akron area to have my stuff fired. I would
appreciate any suggestions.


Bob Yost on fri 30 jan 98

Dear Tracy,

This is in response to request for information about studio space

My name is Bob Yost and I have studio space available in Akron, OH. I am
located in the old B.F. Goodrich tire factory in down town Akron. I have
8000 sq.ft. and use 5000 sq. ft for my tile company. the remaining space
I use for classes, workshops and guild meetings. I started my school two
years ago, Middlebury Pottery and School. We have beginning,
intermediate and advance classes. I have 10 x 12 studio spaces available
on a monthly basis. I do reduction firing for several potters that have
studios at home, but not room for a gas kiln. For more info call 330

I founded the Ohio Canal Clay Guild two years ago, we meet the third
Tuesday of each month at Yost Tile Co. 530 S. Main St. # 1734, 7:00pm.
We have a variety of programs. We have forty members and they are the
best, please join us, all are welcome.

We also have workshops, last year we had Sandi Pierantozi and Neil
Patterson from Philadelphia and Seth Cardew. Scheduled for 98 we have
John Glick.

Best Regards,
Bob Yost