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kiln plunger/switch was what's new with you? single firing =

updated wed 21 sep 11


Arnold Howard on tue 20 sep 11


On 9/20/2011 7:50 AM, Pam Cresswell wrote:
> In my case the little plunger will not catch when I push it in, so the ki=
> will not turn on (unless I hold the plunger in with my finger).

The Limit Timer clock must have time on it, or the plunger will not
stay. (It is possible also that the clock is burned up.)

Other reasons the plunger does not lock:

1) A wire is too close to the Kiln Sitter plunger mechanism, preventing
it from locking. Heat can cause a wire to move inside the switch box
over time.

2) A matchstick, a screw, or a piece of dried clay has fallen into the
switch box and is interfering with the plunger. Anything lodged where
the contact blocks come together will prevent the plunger from locking on.

3) The locking catch is rusted or has material stuck to it.

4) The latch spring is broken.


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