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steve slatin's gnu blue cone 6

updated fri 9 sep 11


John Britt on thu 8 sep 11

Steve has alerted me to the fact that I neglected to credit him with a gl=
aze I=3D20
posted on my blog which I called Gnu Blue, on July 20, 2009. I fixed it=
. Wish=3D20
he had told me earlier:=3D20=3D20

He posted it on clayart in 2006:

Recipe Name: Gnu Blue=3D20
Cone: 6 Color: Blue over tan/brown=3D20
Firing: Oxidation Surface: Glossy=3D20
Amount Ingredient=3D20
75 Clay--Alberta Slip II=3D20
15 Gillespie Borate=3D20
5 Dolomite=3D20
4 Silica=3D20
99 Total=3D20
4 Rutile=3D20
1 Bentonite

I thought the name of the glaze was Gnu Blue but I was mistaken, it is St=
Slatin's Gnu Blue.

Sorry Steve, it has been corrected.=3D20

Great glaze by the way!

John Britt Pottery