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crepe de chine overalls? patent leather workboots? was food safe r=

updated fri 9 sep 11


Lili Krakowski on thu 8 sep 11


What did I miss in this thread about a glaze for the lip/rim of a mug? =3D
Same glaze high in that leachiest of colorants, copper? =3D20

It seems to me that the basic, rock bottom, sine qua non requirement for =
a FUNCTIONAL pot is its being able to flawlessly fulfill its "mission". =
And, as attorneys have told me, and attorneys on this list will con =3D
firm, objects are sold with "an implied warranty" testifying to their =3D
suitability for the performance of their duties.

Overalls are made of denim or canvas so as to be able to do overally =3D
jobs. Workboots are made of heavy, heavy leather, or some equivalent in =
rubber, to be able to take abuse, from abrasion, cuts, toxic or =3D
corrosive liquids and so on...

So the least one would expect from a mug is that:

It will hold a respectable amount of liquid--at the very least 6 oz,, =3D
on the average 8 ounces, 9 or 10 being better.

A mug must have a handle with space between itself and the fingers =3D
holding it--in case the contents of the mug are boiling hot...

The handle must be big enough for people with large hands, swollen or =3D
arthritic fingers to hold it.

A mug must have a rim agreeable to the lips, a rim whose outside is =3D
easy to clean in case
some cream, or soup, or similar dries on it, or lipstick or lip balm =3D
stick to it...

AND a mug must have a defect free glaze that does not stain, or leach. =3D
AND that glaze must be cleanable so that soup, or coffee, or tea (both =3D
of which are acid, can make a glaze leach, are great stains) can be =3D
washed off after being dried on for several days.

So where the idea that a sensitive, leaching, temperamental glaze can be =
used on a mug comes from, I cannot even guess.

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage