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cone 6r results and questions

updated fri 9 sep 11


gina mars on thu 8 sep 11

Hi All, I finally fired my new gas kiln, a downdraft Donovan Palmquist =3D
and have some=3D20
questions for all you experts! I posted my pictures on flicker under =3D
Ginamarsraku. I
assume this is how you would access them. Let me know if you can't.
So I fired the new kiln and the pots came out with these dots all over =3D's panama red cone 6r
and the glaze batch is fine, fired it at work and no problem. The kiln =3D
was fired to 1450
and them I pushed in the damper and immediately lost 90 degrees. I got =3D
it back to temp in an hour=3D20
but then pulled out the damper realizing that it would take forever to =3D
reach temp. I eventually pulled
the damper out even more to have it off by 8:30 pm. I started it at 9:30 =
A few things I noticed, even with the damper out a bit, mega flames cone =
out the top peep
and the bottom very little. At one point I turned up the air because I =3D
saw flames coming out the flew.
Not good I suppose? My flicker picture shows a half of a pitcher, 2 =3D
pictures actually
of how the panama red should look. the other pitcher with the spots is =3D
the problem.
I do not want spots and I'm a little confused how I got them.One upside =3D
down bowl picture shows bubbling
and bad color. Can it be under fired in that front right corner? Thank =3D
you for any input, I
really appreciate it and would like to get back on track with this new =3D
Gina Mars
I can send anyone pictures if you like and cannot access them.=3D

John Britt on thu 8 sep 11


Gotta run here, but saw you said you had flames coming out the flue . Not=
but in my kiln if I have flames coming out above the damper and up the ch=
that means that I am burning gas outside the kiln wasting fuel or reducin=
g too=3D20=3D20
much. You want to burn the fuel inside the kiln.

I am sure someone else will help you,


john britt pottery