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paul lewing glaze workshop in tupelo, ms

updated mon 29 aug 11


"Lynn Barnwell @ Hinkle Creek Pottery" on sun 28 aug 11

Hi clayarters,

I would like to invite you to our first workshop hosted by the new =3D
Tori Station Pottery Supply, (Lizbeth Gafford) Tupelo, MS. Hinkle Creek =
Pottery, Corinth, MS and Pottery by Helene, (Helene Fielder), =3D
Booneville, MS. October 15th & 16th at the Tupelo Wellness Center, =3D
Tupelo, MS. I will be glad to forward our poster to any interested =3D
parties. You can also find it on my website

We are hosting one of clayart's own -Paul Lewing- for a 2-day glaze =3D
workshop. We met at NCECA in Tampa, FL and told me he had not done a =3D
workshop in Mississippi so we HAD to make it happen. Super nice guy =3D
with loads to teach us. Looking forward to meeting any clayarters that =3D
can make it to the class. Tupelo is close to the Tennessee and Alabama =3D
lines so don't be shy, join us!

Lynn Barnwell
Hinkle Creek Pottery
117 CR 515
Corinth, MS 38834