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(almost) free gas kiln, ithaca, ny

updated fri 26 aug 11


Eric Serritella on wed 24 aug 11

A few years ago someone gave me a gas kiln. It's an old CKC kiln and =3D
about 52" deep, 46" high and 64" wide including the burners. I don't =3D
know the weight.

When I got it we were able to fit it into the bed of a full-size pick =3D

The outside metal jacket is rusted and the inside needs some scraping =3D
and probably a new coat of ITC. Otherwise it's in fine shape and works =3D
well as far as I know. Shelves are included.

The person I got it from fired it up until I picked it up. I've never =3D
had a chance to fire it here, and it's been stored inside the studio the
whole time so there's no weather wear.

It's currently set up for natural gas, but it's just an orifice change =3D
to make it work with propane.

Inside shelf space is about 33" x 33" x 32".

It cost me about $250 to retrieve it, so I thought I'd offer it for =3D
that. Best to keep the good karma with the kiln and pass it along as it =3D
came to me.

Let me know off list if you're interested.


Eric Serritella
528 Sebring Road
Newfield, NY 14867