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britt workshop

updated mon 22 aug 11


Gay Judson on sun 21 aug 11

Just home from a rich weekend looking at glazes with John Britt. A =3D
wonderful group and a very stimulating serving of glaze information. A =3D
little glaze calc, a little of glaze application, a little of firing =3D
schedules, a little discussion of high-fire vs mid-range vs low-fire, a =3D
little focus on properties of the oxides. Never so much as to be =3D
overwhelming but lots to take in and chew on. It was especially =3D
delightful because John is so much fun!
The Castroville Pottery group had done a lot of ahead-of-time work so =3D
that we could glaze bisqued pieces we brought on Friday evening and have =
them out of the reduction firing Sunday afternoon for real-life hands-on =
discussion of the various glazes prepared ahead of time for us.
I came away with a resolve to continue the information gathering through =
experiments that John suggested for me to do here at home. I'm fired up =
to get busy in the studio working on my assignments--but I must admit I =3D
did not do a very good job of following up on Tony Clennell's =3D
assignments following his stimulating workshop in June. I've done some =3D
of what Tony and I laid out to do--but still have a bit more to finish. =
Having these assignments makes me feel like I have these great teachers =3D
sitting on my shoulder pushing me to get serious about my work!
A lucky lady, Gay Judson in San Antonio=3D