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clay, tomatoes, and saving money

updated fri 12 aug 11


Deborah Thuman on thu 11 aug 11

I still hate to buy what I can make. And so I made a covered crock for
my sourdough starter. Works great. Looks nice. Cost a whole lot less
than the ceramic sourdough starter container that's offered in one
cooking catalog.

While I was going through another cooking catalog, I saw some VERY
expensive ceramic crocks. One for potatoes, one for onions, one for
garlic. The gimmick? Each had air holes in the bottom. Hey, I have a
hole cutter. I like to coil build crocks. The big deal, and what the
catalog company wanted me to pay $80 for was the potato one said:
Potatoes, onions: Onions, and garlic: Garlic. On my worst day, I can
come up with something tons better than that. And $80 buys an awful
lot of clay. Because these won't be cooked in...... no reason why I
can't use the piles of recycled ^04 clay. I've wanted to fire that gas
kiln to ^04 anyway. Wonder what a little reduction would do. Look at
that! A ceramic project to design and refine. A glaze project to
design and refine. A firing experiment. Recycled clay used. And a
place to put potatoes, onions and garlic. Does it get any better than

For anyone wanting to can any veggie or make pickles... call the
county cooperative extension service. They exist to answer these
questions and they usually have all sorts of instructions they will be
happy to give you.

And while you're looking at the pickle recipes.... maybe you'll be
inspired to make a pickle crock. Don't forget to write: Pickles on the

Deb Thuman