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kiln conversion to electric reduction

updated thu 4 aug 11


John Rodgers on tue 2 aug 11

I haven't paid a lot of attention to the development of this process
because I wasn't doing anything like that. Now I am upgrading a small
electric kiln and would like to go the route.

The good folks at Paragon have worked out the engineering that will
allow me to upgrade a small Duncan kiln from a cone 6 to a cone 10 kiln
without having to change the external wiring. No new electrical cord
required, and I can fire it off of my 220/240 volt box with a 20 amp
breaker, i.e., no rewiring of the electrical system of the shop
required. This is basically a clothes dryer circuit.

Can someone point me to instructions on the 'Net for making this little
kiln into a reduction kiln? I have all new elements capable of reaching
cone 10 with ease. Now is the time to do this. But I haven't a clue as
to where to start.



John Rodgers
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