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unabashed promotion!

updated mon 1 aug 11


jonathan kaplan on sun 31 jul 11

Hello Clayart!

So at this time of year one of the local Denver TV stations does their =3D
"Best of Denver" yearly promotions for yes, your guessed it, the best of =
Denver in every=3D20
conceivable category. And you guessed it again, art galleries is one of =3D
the more hotly contested categories.

Last year, Plinth Gallery came in second place to a gallery that we had =3D
never heard of and made a run to the finish that we could just not catch =
no matter what we did to make it happen. This year, we are smarter and =3D
hope that all of you on the list can and with Facebook pages can help us =
move ahead. Yesterday after holding First Place for a week we were =3D
bumped back to Third Place. Plinth Gallery needs your help to make us =3D
the best gallery, and the best ceramics only gallery in Denver. Here is =3D
what you can do.

1. Paste this link into your browser and vote for Plinth Gallery as the =3D
best gallery in Denver.

2. If you have a Facebook Page, please post the link on your page and =3D
urge all your Facebook Friends to vote for us. Ceramics in Denver needs =3D
your help!

I would really appreciate all of your support and thanks in advance.



Jonathan Kaplan

Plinth Gallery
3520 Brighton Blvd
Denver, CO 80216
303 295-0717 =3D20