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awesome 25 ton clay sculpture...

updated mon 1 aug 11


logan johnson on sat 30 jul 11

Wow !=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0 Love how he even got the drop of drool !=3DA0=3DA0 I k=
now, that'=3D
s kind of gross but the whole thing is very sweet.=3DA0 What a dad !=3D0A=
=3D0ALogan Johnson =3D0AYakima Valley Pottery & Supply719 W Nob Hill Blvd. =
Ste =3D
C=3D0AYakima, WA"=
Carpe Argi=3D

James Freeman on sat 30 jul 11

Came across the following during my peripatetic reading this evening, and
offered without comment:

All the best.


James Freeman

"...outsider artists, caught in the bog of their own consciousness, too
preciously idiosyncratic to be taken seriously."

"All I say is by way of discourse, and nothing by way of advice. I should
not speak so boldly if it were my due to be believed."
-Michel de Montaigne