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recycling class clay

updated fri 29 jul 11


gary navarre on thu 28 jul 11

Hey Folks,

If I'm gonna make any more pots I'll need some more clay. The teacher for =
the class I took in Iron Mountain last year gave me some dried bags of the =
A.R.T. White Stoneware so I busted it up a little with my African Millet po=
unding log, ...

... slacked it down, and de-watered it in the Cardew brick dryer ...

... and wrapped the batch in fresh canvas to slowly age to throwing consist=
ency. Most of the clay looks like it dried in the bag before the student co=
uld use it so I doubt there is any plaster contamination. I found a bunch m=
ore lime pop outs on pots I hadn't seen since last year so I'm probably goi=
ng to have to get some store bought clay to replace those with that particu=
lar manufacturers defect.

Thanks for watching and I hope some can find this method useful if they do=
n't have much room or equipment.

Gary Navarre
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA