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unnecessary political language: was - re: safety in life

updated wed 27 jul 11


Steve Slatin on tue 26 jul 11

Why, what war would that be, Phil? I've never heard
of such a conflict. Though, then again, I do note that
the dates you quote line up with the war of Confederate
Treason in Favor of Human Slavery.

OK, now we've seen both examples. Just as annoying as
my gratuitous reference was to you, so was yours to me.
As was your recent reference to Lincoln. None of these
things have anything to do with clay, or can possibly
create any reasonable possibility of improvement in
understanding. That is why reasonable people avoid
discussion of politics, sex, and religion except in
venues where such subjects are specifically invited.

There are too many people up on their soapboxes in
ClayArt already. No need to add to it.

And good luck with your move; I hope the birds that
can't be rehabilitated enough to release will do
well with the relocation.

Best wishes --
Steve Slatin


--- On Mon, 7/25/11, pdp1 wrote:

> Hi Arnold,
> We still have the occasional detonation of Shells or Mines
> or other items
> dating from the War of Federal Tyrrany and Looting, of 1861
> - 1865.