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how to find images and prices online

updated tue 26 jul 11


Peggy Thompson on mon 25 jul 11

A recent fire fighting effort on my home broke a number of pieces in
my purchased collection of known potters works. I have been searching
( badly ) online to find similar examples and get replacement prices
to no avail .

I know I must be really ignorant here but I need help .To collect our
contents coverage , in the absence of photo inventory(lost all my
slides, videos, cd' , Dvds, computers and photos anyway)I must
document every item , including artwork of others and titles of
instructional videos and costs of everything I owned.As a packrat
supreme with a lifetime (age67) of such I am stymied as to how to find
such info.

Shoot, I can't even find similar electronics, clothes nor appliances
to get coats and receipts are gone too.

I know there has to be such sites but I cannot find them.

I lost big pieces from Steve Howell, Don Reitz, Ralph Bacerra and
Dennis Butler among others , some whose names now escape me from
trades and gifts.

Our home was a total loss but our coverage was not updated by our
agent to keep up with current replacement costs and removing the shell
is going to cost more than the allowance and the foundation seems good
but none want to preserve that either .They are discounting value if
contents so severely , if it is 3 years or older , and comparing
quality made stuff pricing it at Wally World???? and Tiger straight to
you (not name) ,

Anyhow, I need proof that my collection had some value and not let
them price them as though they were cheap imports.Send sites off list
to keep it from clogging.

We lost an incredible library and visual documentation of potters and
artists in all media, not to mention a wonderful book collection.
Unless I have titles and id info I will be lucky to get cost of blank
media, used !

Let this be a lesson to all- keep a copy of receipts of all items you
own with photos and isbn and serial and model numbers and mfg names
and contact info and year bought and cost as when you have a loss you
will not collect on those policys you are paying dearly to cover them
without documentation!!!!
You do not want to sit months among the ashes, trying to get that
info, like I am in 100 degree temperatures, molding fabrics and
papers, stinky residue water from rain and fire fighting chemicals
with no power , ceilings/roof nor plumbing water/toilet .

The fire started by a 13 year old( son of folks who had been out if
work a long time who we took in so here jobs were more plentiful) and
the boy was making sweet tea on the stove and went in his computer in
another room and fell asleep. Had I not had insomnia and left our
bedroom so my iPhone light would not bother my spouse and saw the
cabinets engulfed with flames , none of us would be here.My husband
wears a sleep apnea machine and never would have smelled smoke nor
heard the alarms!
Friday the 13th took in a new meaning in our family! Oddly, we
initiated insurance coverage the same May 13th back in 1966!!!
Spooky !!!

I would rather be working in clay making pots and firing kilns!!!!

Margaret in SC