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workshop experience in co mountains.

updated sat 23 jul 11


Antoinette Badenhorst on fri 22 jul 11

Hi guys. I just wanted to share with=3DC2=3DA0 you the most wonderful exper=
e I had this past week in La Veta CO where I presented a workshop to a smal=
l group of very accomplished potters.=3D20
I was blown away by the quality of work that I found in this small touristy=
town at the foot of the mountains.=3DC2=3DA0I enjoyed=3DC2=3DA0wonderful h=
ty while we were pushing the limitations of porcelain. The mountains are be=
autiful, food and fellowship were good .Although I was the one that were su=
rposed to teach the classes,=3DC2=3DA0I came back =3DC2=3DA0as the one lear=
ning so =3D
much from these people. If you ever=3DC2=3DA0have a chance to visit that pa=
rt o=3D
f the country, I promise you will not regret it! Pinon Hill pottery and gal=
lery: =3DC2=3DA0=3D=
ou will love it.=3D20

Best wishes.=3D20

Antoinette Badenhorst=3D20

Antoinette Badenhorst=3D20