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firepots, firestorms, and manners

updated thu 21 jul 11


Lili Krakowski on wed 20 jul 11

First: Big warning in ACTS (to which we all subscribe, I trust) =3D
reporting article in NYTimes regarding a citronella gel used in =3D
CERAMIC FIREPOTS. Which gel set several people on fire, killed =3D
one...and like that. Link is =3D
orrible-explosions.html. The stuff has been taken off the market by =3D
"all" sellers, but of course, there are people haven't heard, and still =3D
have it out on the patio...

Second: All this brouhaha, scolding etc about a tacky, tasteless, =3D
would-be-humorous message that slipped through the grid. All this =3D
business reprimanding others , making sure one's own bona fides on this =3D
or that side of the [non]-issue are recorded for posterity! Yeah, sure. =

It is a well-known and most irritating popular assumption that if you =3D
belong to Group A you "must" belong to Group B. This shows up when one =3D
is on a mailing list for Group A and that list is rented to Group B, =3D
which assumes that because one buys books by mail one wants to buy =3D
over-priced hunting and fishing equipment! ( It generally is more =3D
political than that!)=3D20

All those SO indignant at M.le docteur Bastarache's post might, keep in =
mind that bunches of posts stick thorns in sensitive sides! MOST =3D
irritating (to me) besides the name calling: "Luddite"--mostly =3D
misapplied/misused-- "troll"; "hysterical" ; and all appellations =3D
beginning with "neo"--is the assumption that we all fit the same =3D
socio-economic mode.=3D20

Viz: problem with kiln wall? Rush to nearest dealer of great product. =
Cost $50, but you don't need to eat, do you? Would a dab clay mixed =3D
silica and with water glass do? Probably.

Want a wheel? There is this one for $400, and that one for $700 and =3D
like that to infinity. No mention of dumpster diving, of kickwheel =3D
plans in Counts's book, Not to mention Andrew Holden's incredibly =3D
useful "The Self-Reliant Potter" a book begging to get back in print, =3D
that even has plan for electric wheel.

And of course, the pet irritation to the "rabble"--irritation for which =3D
I have been scolded for years--the endless raves about NCECA rubbed on =3D
the noses of those who cannot hope to afford ANY trip!

We do not all fit the same mold. Yes, we belong to Group A--the clay =3D
world--but not necessarily to any other group. And PC does not have a =3D
universal standard.

So there is much on ClayArt that is phenomenally irritating, not just =3D
dumb, childish, ill-informed, possibly bigoted , fall-flat jokes.

And while I'm here--Great article in " Family Events" , 2/10/2011, =3D
called "Why Manners Matter." I am convinced that Facebook and =3D
similar, which permit self-expression that bypasses the brain, are =3D
ruining manners at an accelerating pace. And it is showing.even on =3D

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage

Lee on wed 20 jul 11

On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 9:22 AM, Lili Krakowski w=

> Second: All this brouhaha, scolding etc about a tacky, tasteless, >would-=
be-humorous message that slipped through the grid. =3DA0All this >business =
primanding others , making sure one's own bona fides on >this or that side =
of the [non]-issue are recorded for posterity! =3DA0Yeah, >sure.

I let three of these go by without responding, (it is a
practice "3 strikes" I have tken up,)

Lili, you didn't see the post did you. The post was not in
any way "humorous", but one that is based on a newsclip and has been
circulation on fanatical websites since 2004.

Wake up!

=3DA0Lee Love in Minneapolis

=3DA0"Ta tIr na n-=3DF3g ar chul an tI=3D97tIr dlainn trina ch=3DE9ile"=3D9=
7that is, =3D
land of eternal youth is behind the house, a beautiful land fluent
within itself." -- John O'Donohue