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guan ice crackle - - follow-up

updated fri 1 jul 11


inge nielsen on thu 30 jun 11

Dear All,

I wrote to the list in February to ask for input on why the Guan Ice Crackl=
from John Britt's excellent book tended to turn smokey in my teacher's kiln=
Several people kindly wrote back with suggestions on how to fire and/ or
change the recipe.

Turns out finally that it was merely a question of monitoring the specific
gravity (difficult, since water evaporates quickly from the bucket in this
hot climate and kind-meaning students add water as they see fit). If the sp
gr is kept to 155-160, as stipulated in Brit's recipe, it will stay nice an=
white, with only a bit of yellow smoke curling around the edges (kind of a
nice touch, I think).

There's a longer explanation of our Guan troubles, incl. pictures at

Thanks to everyone who responded ;-)


Taipei, Taiwan