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getting ready for the show "no more mr. matlocks"

updated fri 24 jun 11


gary navarre on thu 23 jun 11

Hey Folks,

Well it's a good thing I've got pots left from last year to add to the few=
from this latest firing for the "Art For All" show on Saturday. What wasn'=
t a good thing anymore is my Mr. Matlock look. You know how some folks make=
Dreadlocks? Well, I'd been pretty bedridden sick a few times over the year=
and when healthy obsessed on the kiln to where I forgot to do my hair and =
ended up with a big'oll Matlock. Not only did it look worse than a homeless=
Hippie, it didn't feel good so I decided to quit having bad hair days and =
had Nick do a Matlock Removal for me ... (Of course there's a video on the=

Another thing I think would be good to make is some sort of portable weigh=
ts for the corner posts of my pop-up display tent. Some old guy at last yea=
rs show had a foot or so of PVC pipe filled with lead shot but I don't thin=
k I want to buy any of that. I'm thinking of using four 6" ID x 2' PVC tube=
s capped and filled with damp sand hung from the corners and strapped to th=
e legs. If my math is right each would weigh 52# or an extra 200# holding t=
he corners in place in a stiff wind. Does that sound about right? Tia and s=
tay in there eh.

Gary Navarre
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA