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jdz ceramic exhibition and also my recent works for a show in guan=

updated mon 20 jun 11


Ric Swenson on sun 19 jun 11

Zhou this summer.

Hi guys and gals

I have not written for several months, but I find the weather now is better=
and without threat of floods, I can report some stuff.....including that t=
he largest freeshwater lake in China has surpassed drought and onto flood l=
evels on the YangTze (ChiangJiang) River which have brought the lake back =
from 18,000 square KM to near it's normal 30,000 KM. Many other areas are =
flooded and having real problems. We are remote and near the mountains and=
so not so bad here.

The summer approaches, bats are flying, catching those damn mosquitos and a=
few dragon flies, I bet. The birds have nested and we can hear a lot of n=
est chatter from young ones now. The spring has been the best I can remembe=
r from my nearly 6 years here in JingDeZhen. Lush. Dare I say verdant?...=
Vermont-like? The strawberry fields have now made their transformation to=
rice paddies, as they do each year near here. Rice takes about 100 days fr=
om planting to harvest here. Maybe part of my love for green celadon glaze=
comes from the many shades of green in the rice paddies now?

People scuttle about and a new small ceramic factory just opened in view o=
f the campus windows.

Four people on an electric motor bike...husband driving...Mom in back and t=
wo small children sandwiched between them...dangerous? Maybe...but I see i=
t everyday. No helmets on any of them. God.

I have 50 works ready for a solo show at the new gallery in GuanZhou in Gua=
nDong Privince in August. I feel I need to make some other new works betwe=
en now and then. The semester is almost over here, so I will have some tim=
e to get new works ready in time....then the rush to get them photographed =
and into the catalog. Uff Da.

Finals are a bit hectic and hurried, but progressing nicely. These students=
really know how to budget their time and spend endless hours everyday in s=
tudy. I am proud of their efforts.

My tutoring of young students on the weekends, in English is also rewarding=
. My youngest is nearly three years old and the oldest are grad students p=
reparing to go abroad to study in Scotland, America, Singapore, Australia a=
nd France. I have a lot of middle and high school students who want to le=
arn oral English . They keep me young and full of energy.

I f you would like to see photos of my current ceramic work, send me a mes=
sage off- line.

The JDZ Ceramic Contemporary Exhibition deadline comes on July 15th. The e=
xhibition is Oct 18-22 here in China. Welcome to join! I can send you the =
invitation info. This year there are cash prizes for this juried event. (=
did I mention CASH?)

Hope you have enjoyed Father's Day. One of my 2 daughters sent me a nice g=
reeting today. Brought tears to my eyes.

Enjoy the summer folks. I am off to Xian and maybe Dali ..........and for =
sure to GuanDong soon.


...........and make good pots!